Inside Bay Area
May 15, 2008

Jim Harrington

One of the best things about writing this column is that I get to give some much-needed ink to some of the nicest men and women in the local music community. Bay Area jazz musicians tend to be exceptionally polite, warmhearted and friendly.

Maybe that's just the way they are with me, since I'm a guy who can give them press. I prefer, however, to think that they are equally nice to everyone — and anybody who has read my reviews knows I'm no Pollyanna.

Terrence Brewer has always come across like a swell guy whenever we've met or corresponded. So it didn't come as a surprise when I heard that he was set to do something nice for locals. The jazz guitarist will be the first artist to take the stage during the new "Concerts for the Community" series at Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church in Oakland.

The concert, set for Sunday afternoon, is open to the public and it's technically free of charge. The hope is that jazz fans will turn out and make monetary donations, which will then go directly to Glenview and Edna Brewer public schools in Oakland.

"If I can use my passion for music to help further Park Boulevard Presbyterian Church's efforts to benefit the community, especially the schools, I'm happy to do it," Brewer says.

Now, I shouldn't have to list too many selling points for this concert. The obvious one, getting to hear tunes while helping out Oakland public schools in the process, should
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be more than enough. I will add that Brewer, besides being a nice guy, is a tremendously talented player. For this set, he'll likely be performing from his recently released third album, "QuintEssential," which has gotten great reviews.

Showtime is 2 p.m. The church is at 4101 Park Blvd. in Oakland. Contact 510-530-5311 or For more information on the featured artist, check out

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